My Second Job Interview!


Crushed my second successful job interview - an incredible experience!

After spending over a year in my first job as a Linux Server Administrator, I found myself ready for a change shifting gears towards becoming a DevOps Engineer. In February 2024, I parted ways with my old position and set my sights on transitioning into a DevOps Engineer role. Thankfully, after a successful interview on April 22, 2024, I landed a new role at a prestigious company as a DevOps Engineer. If you're curious about my first interview experience, feel free to check out my account of it.

Even though I aced the interview for a DevOps internship a few months ago at a top outsourcing company in Nepal, I didn't get the job because my college and office hours clashed. Luckily, it was a remote position and I got selected after a quick online interview.

So, what was I asked exactly?

I will here address only the few important topics and questions that I was asked.

  • about aws, azure and other cloud platforms and its services
  • about CICD pipelines, github actions, webhooks and jenkins
  • about docker, containerization and virtualization
  • about kubernates, automation and scaling
  • Task: To learn, understand and deploy one of the well known open source commerce platform using docker containerization and github actions in a AWS Cloud Instance.
  • Most Importantly: Why did I left my previous job?

Well, it's clear that I struggled with some questions and tasks. However, the experience was fantastic, and I got a golden chance to learn and work alongside them.

Since my passion lies in Linux, servers, and cloud technologies, this opportunity was truly amazing for me. With my background and experience, I was fortunate enough to secure it.