My first interview


This was my first interview, and it was a hell of an amazing experience.

So, it was Thursday, January 26, 2023, and I went for an interview at a reputed cloud services providing company. I was told to come to a certain building, and you know what? I went to a similar-looking structure in someone else's backyard. Fu*k me, I am so dumb that I was a step away from getting into some serious trouble.

Both the HR director and the CEO were out for some business meetings, so I had to wait for about 2 and a half hours, I guess. But the other team members were so friendly that I didn't feel like I was there for the first time. When they arrived, I had already been introduced to what I should do by the team members and had already eaten some delicious lunch. The environment is so friendly, with such amazing members and a working place with scenic mountain views.

So, what was I asked exactly?

I will here address only the few important topics and questions that I was asked.

  • about domain, hosting and cpanels
  • about cloud linux, shared hosting and vps
  • about firewalls, dos and d-dos attacks
  • about bare-metal, virtualization and virtualizor
  • How can I block all traffic from a certain country using a firewall (iptables)?
  • How can I block all incoming traffic from a certain country except for a certain port (port 25) using a firewall (iptables)?
  • There was a case where someone was attacking the server, but it was not directly identified. I mean, there was a super high resource usage, but the traffic was low, and I had to identify and stop the attack.
    So, the attacker was using his own domain to attack the server. Yes, you read it right; the attacker was attacking his own domain. He connected his domain to the Cloudflare and then directed traffic to our server.
    What we had to do to stop the attack was identify the IPs causing high CPU usage and block that specific IP range. It was two sets of IP ranges coming from Australia and China.

It's obvious that I wasn't able to answer or solve some of the questions or tasks. But yeah, the experience was amazing, and I got a golden opportunity to learn from and work with them.