Yogesh Lamichhane

With an unwavering passion, I navigate the world of Linux and BSD servers, orchestrate website deployments, and embrace DevOps as a lifelong learning journey.

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Hi, I am Castor and my real name is on top of the site. I am a 22-year-old introvert depressed guy who loves Computer Stuff, Music, Anime, Games, Hiking and Camping.

I'm just your friendly, run-of-the-mill computer enthusiast. Think of me as the 'Norm' of the tech world, but with a deep passion for all things digital!


This place is home for all my psychological dysfunctioning.
A place where I am in control, with no censorship or manupulation.
A place where my words don't get mixed up with noise.

I'm here to create a place where I can make changes,
and express myself without experiencing shyness or social anxiety;
where I can talk about myself freely without distraction;
a place where my voice is the only sound I can hear.

Now since you are here, how about you sign my guestbook and let me know how you found this little site in the great ocean of the internet.

👻 Proud member of 512kb.club, 1mb.club and darktheme.club 👻