Why did I switch back to Arch from Artix Linux?


Arch is my favourite distro and openrc being my favourite init system, I was using Artix Linux for more than a year and now, for few reasons I switched back to Arch Linux.

Linux is Linux

For the past five years, I have embraced the Linux operating system as my primary choice, diving headfirst into the world of open-source software and enjoying the freedom and flexibility it offers. Throughout this journey, I have explored various Linux distributions, honing my skills and discovering the unique features each one brings to the table.

Over a year ago, I stumbled upon Artix Linux, an intriguing distribution that captured my attention with its philosophy of providing a systemd-free environment. Artix Linux allowed me to craft a customized and minimalist system tailored to my preferences. Its reliance on the OpenRC init system resonated with me, as it aligned with my desire for a more hands-on, traditional approach to managing my system.

During this time, I delved deeper into the Linux ecosystem, expanding my knowledge and expertise. My professional journey took a turn as I secured a role as a Server Administrator, responsible for managing and maintaining servers that powered critical services. To my dismay, I discovered that many of the applications and services used in this server environment relied heavily on systemd.

As I grappled with this new reality, I faced a dilemma. On one hand, I had grown fond of the flexibility and simplicity offered by Artix Linux, where I had crafted a finely-tuned system that suited my needs. On the other hand, my professional responsibilities compelled me to work seamlessly with systemd-based systems and applications.

Given my prior experience and familiarity with Arch Linux, a distribution I had grown to love, I made the difficult decision to transition back to a systemd-based environment. Arch Linux, with its rolling release model, robust package management system, and vast community support, seemed like the logical choice for me to make a smooth return.

The transition process was not without its challenges. I had to carefully migrate my customized configurations, adapt my workflow to accommodate systemd, and familiarize myself with the specific tools and utilities associated with this init system. However, the inherent flexibility and extensive documentation of Arch Linux aided me greatly in this endeavor.

While bidding farewell to Artix Linux was bittersweet, I embraced the opportunity to expand my skill set and adapt to the demands of my professional role. I found solace in the fact that my return to Arch Linux allowed me to leverage its vast repository of software, making it easier to install and manage the systemd-dependent applications crucial to my server administration tasks.

As I settled back into the Arch Linux ecosystem, I realized that this journey had enriched my understanding of different Linux distributions and their underlying philosophies. It highlighted the importance of versatility and adaptability in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

Today, as a seasoned Linux user and Server Administrator, I continue to explore the vast possibilities offered by Arch Linux, blending my personal preferences with the demands of my professional responsibilities. I remain grateful for the diverse experiences that Artix Linux and Arch Linux have provided me, as they have shaped me into a more versatile and resourceful Linux enthusiast.