I rejoined college and my first day experience!


So if you didn't know, I had dropped out of computer science in 4th semester and recently joined Bachelor of Arts in psychology and social work just before Christmas on 2022-Dec-21.

My college isn't far from my place, just about a 10 minutes walk, and it starts at 6:15 in the morning till 10 a.m.
It's December, and it was freezing cold outside with the temperature of 5° Celsius.
The gatekeeper stopped me for a while in the gate, saying not to wear grunge jeans in the first day of college. Funny, isn't it? I just said okay and went in.

Being an introvert, it was not easy for me to spend 4 hours for the first day. I had checked the number of students admitted to my class in the administration during my admission, but not even the half of them were present. There were about 10 students and all of them were female except me. Most of the desks were empty, and I sat on the third bench in the second row all alone. It was a damn moment for me because I didn't even have anyone to talk to, but who cares...? First class went like a fly listening to the lecture. Two boys came in the second class after 45 minutes, and I was relieved, at least a little. But they just stayed that one class for 45 minutes. And I was all alone the rest of the classes. But I didn't care that, either.

There was a leisure and I just played Blockinger (a Tetris game) and minesweeper in my mobile phone. Other classes were good. I enjoyed the lectures. One of the professor (IDK the name yet; the one who gave the lecture of psychology) has piqued my curiosity. He was quite my type, I mean, he gives examples about technology and internet privacy relating with psychology. The class ended at 10 a.m and I just returned back to my place without giving a shit about anybody.

So, yeah It was quiet a experience. Overall, it was fun and I kinda liked it.